Tuesday 13 November 2012

Exhibiting Your Excellence - From Conception to Perfection

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Chris Peterson, Engineering

When you need a unique and creative way to showcase your products or services, you can count on TD Fischer Group for full-service visual merchandising solutions. We provide innovative, end-to-end display and exhibit solutions from design conception to manufacturing; including the project coordination to manage your project from start to finish. We utilize the ingenuity and creativity of our talent staff of industrial and mechanical designers and engineers, together with the power of 3D CAD software to optimize innovation and productivity.  Our team delivers compelling product detail with representations of 3D models, 2D drawings, animations, and photo-realistic renderings before we manufacture. This assures we are on the same page with you, on task and on budget. 

The software tools we use cover the design process—from design and validation to technical communications and data management – and allow our engineers to focus on creating products better, faster, and more cost-effectively.  We use the power of this software to automatically dimension manufacturing features in 3D, check dimensional completeness, and graphically display dimensional status on 2D drawings. Next, our automatic interference and collision detection makes sure all parts fit together before we spend one dime of your budget. We then build a physical prototype, reducing cost and shortening the overall design cycle for faster delivery time. 

If you request design changes, we easily handle them too. We create accurate drawings that can be automatically updated on-the-fly when you change the model.  You can be confident that we update dimensions, critical tables, and notes to the new values with 100% accuracy, along with updates to materials so there is no confusion with manufacturing.
We even test the design on screen against real-world conditions to ensure you have the best design before we build it. We can reduce weight, strengthen or eliminate unneeded materials, and optimize costs, as well as avoid potential liability or safety issues.

Our process fosters collaboration within our team and with you; we can easily manage product data, share designs, automate workflows, and securely share design data across our organization, with our client, and with external partners, if needed.

You can count on TD Fischer Group’s comprehensive internal design review process to deliver product innovation, improved turn-times and cost savings - on large and small projects alike.  From conception to perfection - we manage every detail so you don’t have to.