140x140Distributer Fullfillment Services

Eliminate the headaches that can go along with shipping and handling. TD Fischer Group can handle the details of getting your order from our production or storage facility to your business, event, or tradeshow. You can continue to focus on your core business while we safely and efficiently pack and ship your products. We utilize ship tracking software to stay on top of your shipment while in transit. We verify delivery and receipt of your items and contact you to confirm their arrival at your destination. This convenient service eliminates some stress for you and controls the integrity of your shipment.

When standard shipping containers aren't enough, TD Fischer Group will manufacture custom shipping crates specifically designed for your materials. We will create durable, cost-effective shipping crates without the burden of excessive drayage costs.

Our fulfillment services include:

Trade show fulfillment

POP material & display fulfillment

Product fulfillment

Literature fulfillment

Warehouse storage

Global distribution