Here at the TD Fischer Group, we love a good challenge.  Bring any idea in to us and let our designers and engineers come up with a unique solution to your marketing need. We pride ourselves on our creativity and specialize in concepting unique designs to set you or your product apart from the rest.  



Our design team utilizes SolidWorks®, the latest 3D modeling software in the industry. We turn creative designs and ideas into 3D renderings. This allows us to show you in full detail the design direction we are working towards to ensure that the product we provide is exactly what you are looking for.  Solidworks not only allows us to show case our initial designs, but it also allows us to transfer that information to shop blue prints and automated equipment programs in an efficient and transparent process.

Thanks in part to our comprehensive internal design review process - undertaken before production ever begins - you experience improved turn-times, and cost savings, on large and small projects alike.



TD Fischer Group offers creative and innovative ideas backed with the knowledge and experience of a talented team of industrial and mechanical designers and engineers. We are experts at working seemlessly with our clients to make sure that your vision is achieved. 




  • Concepting
  • Innovative Design
  • Creativity
  • Display Solutions
  • 3D Renderings
  • Automated Manufaturing Programs
  • Pricing Accuracy

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Nov 13
Exhibiting Your Excellence - From Conception to Perfection

Exhibiting Your Excellence - From Conception to Perfection

When you need a unique and creative way to showcase your products or services, you can count on TD Fischer Group for full-service visual merchandising solutions. We provide innovative, end-to-end display and exhibit solutions from design conception to manufacturing; including the project coordination to manage your project from start to finish
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