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Customer Testimonial: RPE

"The end result exceeded our expectations..."

From the initial concept discussions to the show build and dismantle, the TD Fischer Group's recent partnership with RPE resulted in the creation of a modifiable, eye-catching trade show booth that will stand out for many years to come. The 20' x 20' exhibit features an open concept that merges a rustic farmer's market with modern restaurant accents and a relaxed, home kitchen feel for a uniquely curated consumer experience. The booth was designed to simultaneously feature multiple products, while giving our customer's sales and marketing teams the ability to move freely throughout the booth to interact with dozens of ongoing and perspective contacts at once. In addition, the center of the booth doubled as a cooking station for our client to both prepare and serve their product to entice their show attendees. The top of the exhibit also featured a rotating graphic for additional aesthetic appeal.

"The TD Fischer Group was great to work with right from the beginning! They truly listened to what we wanted, provided excellent feedback, and kept us in the loop throughout the entire process. Everyone at the TD Fischer Group was extremely easy to work with and made the whole project very enjoyable. The end result exceeded our expectations - this project was the perfect start to a wonderful partnership."

 Jenny Bula - RPE -

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